As part of our Mayflower unit I have challenged our fourth grade students to create replicas of the Mayflower in Minecraft. We will share them in library next week. Here is a video we watched to get details of both the interior and exterior of the ship. This is not an assignment and no student is required to complete a replica. Additionally, no student will feel left out next week if they do not have a replica to share. This is a fun experiment for us to research the educational aspects of Minecraft. You can reach me at with questions or send screenshots if your child cannot bring their device to share. Make sure to put your student's name in the subject line.

 Students wanting to apply for a position on our 

STEM-ulating News 

staff should click the STEM-ulating News tab above and print a copy of the Student-Journalist Application.  Once the application has been completed return it to Mrs. Moran in the Media Center.  Positions will be filled based on application and recommendations from former and current teachers.


We have iPad covers

Watch the video below to see our kindergarten students getting to explore using the iPads!  Thanks to our PTO for purchasing protective covers for our iPads and making this exploration possible. 



Mrs. Hesson's class

enjoying the sun and a good book!


Karla Moran


Please feel free to send an email if you have a book you would like to request in the library.  I enjoy hearing from eager readers! 

 "STEM-ulating News"

Find out what's happening at UES!


Big Congrats to our Coding Club! 

Each student participating in our Coding Club has successfully written over 100 lines of code.   

"The Mysteries of Harris Burdick"



I can't imagine a better way to enjoy the day than reading outside with such a great group of kiddos!

Mrs. Jones' Class trying to keep cool in the shade! 

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